Acro-Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Often defined by its unique choreography, Acro-Dance blends seamlessly classic dance styles with acrobatic movement. The dance styles can be really anything, from a fast paced jazz routine to a slow and beautiful lyrical, or a completely out there contemporary piece.

Dance training is essential to the success of the Acro-Dancer. Training in acrobatics increases strength, balance, aerobic stamina and flexibility that will greatly benefit the dancer in their other classes.

Please note: This is a separate program that is NOT included in regular monthly tuition. AIM Acro is not part of the unlimited tuition plan.

Tuition is $55/month and will be charge via Autopay (no exceptions). First month will be charged to reserve your spot.


  • Monday 6pm – Ages 7+
  • Tuesday 3:45pm – Ages 14+
  • Thursday 5:15pm – Ages 10+

**Times are subject to change**


  • Must be enrolled in Ballet or Jazz.
  • Must sign an Acro-Dance waiver form.


This class will not have a separate routine in the recital. The skills taught in this class may be incorporated in to their dance recital choreography.

Enrollment is first come first served. Classes with have a maximum size. There will be no make-up classes for any missed class.  Accounts must be in good standing. Level and placement may be changed at instructors discretion.

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