Show Date:  Late July 2020
Location: Art in Motion


Art in Motion Recital FAQ’s

Where will the event be held?

  • We are preparing to hold mini recitals, by class, in the biggest dance room at the studio. The current plan is to have a few days of rehearsals in the studio then a few days of performances during the July 18th – July 31st timeframe.

Why mid-late July?

  • Given we have just entered Phase 2/2 of reopening, the earliest the State would enter Phase 3 would be July 6th.  Allowing for some cushion around the July 4th holiday and potential delays in reopening, we’ve selected these weeks for our performances.
  • We will try and work with all dancers to schedule around potential conflicts.

Why not go into August?

  • As a group, we decided that the absolute latest date we would hold the performance would be July 31st.  We did not want our dance seasons to overlap and needed to consider our Seniors that may be preparing to move to college.

Why not hold the event outside?

  • We’ve been working on our contingency plan since mid-March. We’ve considered all sorts of alternatives to our event. Holding the event outside comes with the risk of adverse weather. We decided pretty early in the process that our only contingency plan to rain would be to hold the event indoors, that we would take the risk of weather out of the performance and stick to indoor performances.

Will we have to purchase tickets to the show?

  • There will be NO CHARGE to attend the performance!

Are costumes refundable?

  • No – Costumes, in general, are non-refundable due to the customization and sizing for each individual dancer. We will try our best to reuse costumes for the 2020-2021 Dance Year.

Will any competition dances perform in the recital?

  • Competition routines were fortunate to be able to perform in our Winter Show. Unfortunately, these circumstances do not allow time for all competition routines.

How will my dancer and family be safe?

Your participation in the performance is completely optional and we understand that families may not feel comfortable in social settings.

  • We will only hold performances inside the studio IF IT IS SAFE FOR ALL DANCERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.
  • We do not feel it would be safe to dance with a face covering. We will NOT hold any performances if dancers are required to wear masks or if we are required to take temperatures upon arrival. 
  • If/when we have our performances, we will comply with all State and Local requirements for social distancing, cleaning and disinfection of all high touch surfaces.  
  • We will be spacing out our dances over multiple days to be able to adhere to any State and local guidelines. 
  • If guidelines dictate that we need to limit in studio participants, we will limit the number of family members that may be inside at any point.
  • We will be testing the technology to see if it will be feasible to broadcast the performances LIVE on the internet and project to a screen outside of the studio (Drive in!)
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